2014.01.08 What’s been happening you ask?


HELLO and welcome to the Wafflecone Wednesday Update!

News for you!

Work is already on the way for Robo-Boxing. I think you might enjoy this one since you can knock the blocks off robo-boxers and just saying that that sounds fun.

Christmas and New Years were great for the Donley Time Foundation! We got a shout out on JayisGames for Boss 101 which was really nice. (see below)

Link to Jay is Games Link Dump Friday

Also Dan Devil got front paged on Newgrounds which was quite choice!

So yes – things are happening and big things are being planned including a POSSIBLE and I say POSSIBLE funding campaign coming down the line.

Thank you for stopping by and talk with you soon!




2013.12.31 Happy New Year!!!

Guess what? Cosmic Clicks is done! It’s going to be coming to a computer near you soon!

That’s right people, three games out the door this year and next year looks even brighter.

Some upcoming games are Robot Boxing (working title) – YOU become the manager of a REAL LIVE ROBOT BOXER! Upgrade, train and bring your fighting robot up against the best of the best as you battle to be #1. Also – more adventures with Dan Devil are in the works as well as a (drum roll) a sequel to Boss 101. YEAH BABY, YEAH!

It’s been a great year and thanks for checking us out. Much more to come and your patronage is appreciated!


2013.12.22 Cosmic Clicks Title Screen

Good afternoon and hope your Sunday is awesome. It’s close to that holiday time again and we’ve got a present for you. Presenting the title screen for our latest game – Cosmic Clicks! This game features the return of STEVE and Max from Boss 101. Some people say it might even have humor in it but YOU DECIDE! Coming soon! #cosmicclicks #screenshot #boss101


2013.12.19 Update and a new game – Cosmic Clicks!

Hello everyone and how are you doing!? Wanted to thank you for your support and update you on the latest. Boss 101 has gone viral and is now on Kongregate and available through Mochi Media networks. Also – it’s one of the featured games on Newgrounds! It looks like Dan Devil will be in your hands shortly – hopefully before Christmas but don’t hold your breath on that one!

Finally – here’s a early screenshot of the latest Donley Time Foundation game – COSMIC CLICKS featuring the return of your friends STEVE and Max from Boss 101. Join them as they travel across the galaxy looking for an open ice cream store. CC is about 80% done so it won’t be long before you see them again in all their glorious wit (well, at least they find themselves humorous). #screenshot #cosmicclicks #donleytimefoundation

Thanks again and talk with you soon!