2017.09.30 Boss 101 Preview Gameplay Videos and more!

Hello and welcome to the latest Boss 101 update!

What a week, what a week! Lots of things to talk about so let’s get moving shall we?

Playtesting and First Looks

Right out of the gate we have two first look videos for Boss 101. These are from Indie Game Riot and and Matt “ToborPrime” Fitzgerald. We provided keys and they both took time this week to look at the game live on Twitch (with some of the Boss 101 team in the chat).

We definitely have more of these coming but if you’re curious how the first few hours of Boss 101 look (and the game plays) then give a look!

Matt’s Stream and video here: 

Indie Game Riot Stream and video here:

Pretty exciting stuff and I can tell you it was amazing watching people play the game. I can’t speak for Joshua or Manon but MAN I was nervous as I watched them navigate around the game. We’re still balancing and playtesting but it looked like they had a lot of fun which is what mattered.

Recommend checking either stream out though Matt did do more varied voice acting for the Boss 101 characters! HAHAHA! He made Rob sound like Randy “Macho Man” Savage. WAHAHAH!

Tunes and tweaks

Gravity Gun!

Grab your opponent’s bullets and toss ‘em right back at them! One of my favorite guns in Boss 101

Plasma Gun

Fi-Zap! Disintegrate with the best of them. Can’t beat a good energy beam.

Equip Panel

Get the right Equipment when you ready for battle

Endless Boss – Arcade and Iron Bot Modes

Both are good money makers when you want to grab some extra cash.

Endless Boss End of Round

Watch your score add up


Ok folks – we’re working day and NIGHT to bring you Boss 101 as soon as we can. This week was a great one so hang in there. We do believe it won’t be long and PLEASE check out the videos if you are curious! They are worth it!

Thank you and talk with you soon and remember to always ….



Boss 101 Info Roundup
Release Date: 2017
Planned Price: $9.99
Boss 101 Steam Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/380920
Please wishlist us if you would be so kind!