2014.09.17 Update and Screenshot!

A quick screengrab from tonight’s Boss 101 game!

You thought you knew what kind of levels Boss 101 has? Think again!! We take the fight from Earth across the galaxy to strange places. Take this one for instance – looks like we might have crossed into another gaming dimension in the quest to beat down bosses! #boss101 #gamedevelopment #screenshot

Talk with you soon!



2014.09.10 Boss 101 Dev Meetup! Visited a fellow developer!

Hey all,

One of the great things about living in Austin is being close to awesome developers. Last night I dropped by a friend of mine named Matt Fitzgerald who’s working on the crackin’ game Savage: The Shard of Gosen. If you don’t know what that is you can check out his already funded Kickstarter campaign here or his already Greenlit game here on Steam.

Here’s the deal – the guy is single handedly making some SERIOUS MAGIC. He’s not only learned to code the dad-burned thing but he’s doing all the art, interfaces, design and gameplay. I saw a small sample of the latest and it looks FANTASTIC and light years ahead of the Kickstarter video which was already really good.

My point here is he’s onto something special and he’s making it with care and attention to detail. THAT IS INSPIRATIONAL MY FRIENDS! I have to say he’s a big influence on making sure Boss 101 has as much love as possible so YOU GET THE BEST GAME. When you always do your best like Matt you don’t have to make any excuses.

Follow your dreams folks – there’s not enough time for anything else.





2014.09.08 Boss 101 Journal

Hello and welcome to today’s Boss 101 journal where we blather about all things Bossy Boss!

This week is about the general question “What is Boss 101 – THE SEQUEL?”. The short answer is “a really fun game you will SURELY love”. The longer version is “A full upgrade of everything you loved about the Boss 101 web game and AWESOME STUFF YOU’LL LOVE EVEN MORE!”. Didn’t play Boss 101 – THAT’S OK!

What is all this “stuff” that is better? Let’s go over some of it, shall we?

More Bosses – this time around the Make-A-Boss generator (which YOU control) has MORE boss parts than ever before. You’re going to face a new variation each time you play the game THE FIRST TEN MILLION TIMES! HAHAHAHAHA HAAAAAAAAAAAA

More weapons – not only do bosses have more varied weapons but YOU have more weapons at your disposal as well as upgrades to those weapons. Your guns include pistols, shotguns, flamethrower, lightning guns, plasma cannons, multishots, lasers and more!

More types of missions – WE HEARD YOU! You wanted more variety, you got it! More types of missions are happening!

Achievements and rewards – do something special and win a medal. Do something awesome and win a PRIZE, maybe a new gun, maybe a new HAT, maybe MORE!

HATS!!! – Everyone loves hats! We have WAY more hats in this one – MORE THAN DOUBLE. They have special properties when you wear them. Some give you more health, others might give you more shot power or bestow immunities! Some make you look SPIFFY – just like in real life!

The Command Center – your base of operations is super sweet! We upgraded everything about the old game’s Command Center. Now you reside in a multi-level super base! It has stores, a super dope galactic map room and lots more.

OK – that may have been TOO MUCH INFORMATION for you. We’re gonna reel it back in now.

More magical updates coming soon!



2014.09.04 Boss 101 Hat Store Coming on STRONG!

Allrighty then!

It may seem like time has elapsed on your end but I assure you at the Donley Time Foundation TIME IS NOT WASTED! You heard right, we are tirelessly working our collective rear ends off to bring you more behind the scenes action with the Boss 101 sequel.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the NEW Boss 101 Haberdashery!!!

Today’s focus is not only a look at the new Hat Store but a peek at the re-vamped Command Center. Remember the little room in Boss 101’s web game? Well, STEVE and Max have expanded it into a multilevel extravaganza with shops and launch decks. We’ll show you more in the next month or so but check out this sweet screenie below now.

WAY BETTER HATS with WAY better abilities ALL FOR YOU!


As a comparison – here is the old version from the web game. I mean COME ON – the new one is SNAPPY!


Check back soon for more exciting news!!



2014.08.04 Boss 101 – The NEW Make A Boss

Guess what you get to see!?!? The all new Make A Boss we’ve been working on for the Boss 101 sequel! CHECK IT OUT!! It’s got a new look, new action and most of all you now get to see S.T.E.V.E. and Max comment on bosses as they are made!!! YAH buddy!

The NEW Boss 101 – Make A Boss (with animated preview)


As a comparison here is the OLD Make a Boss from the web version…


How do you like THEM apples?!?!?! Pretty swift, huh?

Talk with you soon!  Best,


2014.07.17 Boss 101, Hats and Tom Fulp TOGETHER!

Forgot about us?!?!?! We didn’t forget about you!

This week we are showing you some of the new dope lids you will get in the Boss 101 Sequel. These will bring you SPECIAL POWERS, some bring money, other health, some bring the BOOM! There are all NEW ANIMATIONS and returns from oldies you loved. Check out the Fulp Hat too! LIKE THAT ONE TOM!?!?!?*

*note any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional. If someone named Tom Fulp isn’t happy with his face then the Tom Fulp hat will be renamed “Crom Mulch”. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Check it!

The Armored Helmet – for when you want some extra Boss bullet stopping power.


The Ninja – a little boost to dodge the enemy barrage!


The Fulpster – help grab a little extra cash from those Bosses and looks stylish doing it!


Wanna play it now don’t yah?!!?! YOU SHOULD! Thank you for dropping by and talk with you soon!



2014.06.30 Boss 101 Sequel news HERE!

OK everyone. Some really awesome stuff going on right now. We’re plowing through the main art chores and all but two of the boss templates are done art-wise as are all the player guns and minions. We’re moving onto level art. A really great thing is seeing bosses come together and making the RANDOM ones. I always get a laugh…

I won’t even bother to blab about it more – CHECK OUT THESE SNAPS! Here are some of the NEW mix and match possibilities. (these are all randomly rolled from the game):







Sample of an animated Cat Boss


You still with me??!?!?! Well check this out!! Max and STEVE laying into a new robo-croc-skeeto!!!




Talk with you soon! Best,


2014.06.14 Update and Screenshot Goodness

Hey all – quick update! I was playing the game and had to share a screen that made me laugh. The new bosses are going in and the mix and match is cracking me up especially when you end up with some totally random combo and use one of the new weapons. FOR INSTANCE….

Below is a screen cap showing Max and STEVE squaring off against one of the new bosses – a Robot Shark with Praying Mantis Legs and twin plasma cannons. Oh – did I mention Max is using one of the new weapons? A bow and arrow!!!! HAHAHAHA Why a bow and arrow – WHY NOT?!!?!?

We have been hammering away on the new bosses and will be dropping another preview soon. On our end we’re over half done with the creation of the new bosses and are charging towards completion. From there it’s all about tuning and tweaking gameplay. Talk with you soon and till then – hope you are doing well and wishing the best for you!