2014.12.20 Greenlight Progress Update

Things are moving at the Foundation! We’re hard at work on prepping a JAWESOME Steam Greenlight Video. Let’s check out some snaps shall we?

First, who is THIS guy? Seems kinda big even for Boss 101…


Some screenies from nightly playtests…

2014.12.20_screenshot_01 2014.12.20_screenshot_02

From the minion tuning night…


YES! Check it out, live it, love it… and most of all LIVE. YOUR. DREAMS!


2014.12.06 Boss 101 Weapons Part 2!

Freaking GUNS!

You know when you make a game the thing to remember is it’s supposed to be FUN. Fun for the player in as many ways as reasonable/possible. Here at the Foundation we work EVERY SINGLE DAY thinking about you. Well, actually, we think about a LOT of things and YOU are on the list. Pretty high. Under things like REALLY close family and friends but RIGHT UP THERE!

At any rate – we have been tweaking and tuning guns and GUESS WHAT MADE A RETURN THIS WEEK?

THE FREAKING FIST CANNON! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Best gun in the Boss 101 web game makes a return here for your enjoyment. This is only the Level 1 Fist cannon!!  There are two more upgrades after this including ROCKET PROPELLED PUNCHES!

Check out the snaps and see what you think.

As always, remember to love your dreams!

-TimgunExample01 gunExample02 gunExample03


2014.11.29 Boss 101 the latest news and a screenie for you!

Hello one and all and thank you for stopping by!

Today we have an animated screenshot of the boys working their magic in the Make a Boss room. You know – WHERE IT ALL STARTS.


Hope you all are having a great weekend and for those of our friends in the United States – we hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!

The game is coming along VERY nicely (in our HUMBLE opinion) and we’re working our way through a weapon tuning pass at the moment. You saw some of the little buddies going into the command center and there is always more coming.

Boss 101 is YOUR game too! Thanks for all the letters and we appreciate the support! Talk with you soon and remember….



2014.11.22 Boss 101 and GUNS for YOU!

You want to know about the latest? Well we have the Boss 101 gun shop EARLY PREVIEW! Check out a FEW of the sweet boomsticks available to you during the game. You can upgrade fire power and craft special weapons with rare materials.




You like that?!!??! THERE’S ALWAYS MORE COMING!! Remember to LIVE YOUR DREAMS! Talk with you soon and all the best!