2014.11.29 Boss 101 the latest news and a screenie for you!

Hello one and all and thank you for stopping by!

Today we have an animated screenshot of the boys working their magic in the Make a Boss room. You know – WHERE IT ALL STARTS.


Hope you all are having a great weekend and for those of our friends in the United States – we hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!

The game is coming along VERY nicely (in our HUMBLE opinion) and we’re working our way through a weapon tuning pass at the moment. You saw some of the little buddies going into the command center and there is always more coming.

Boss 101 is YOUR game too! Thanks for all the letters and we appreciate the support! Talk with you soon and remember….



2014.11.22 Boss 101 and GUNS for YOU!

You want to know about the latest? Well we have the Boss 101 gun shop EARLY PREVIEW! Check out a FEW of the sweet boomsticks available to you during the game. You can upgrade fire power and craft special weapons with rare materials.




You like that?!!??! THERE’S ALWAYS MORE COMING!! Remember to LIVE YOUR DREAMS! Talk with you soon and all the best!


2014.11.15 Steam Greenlight Early Announcement (and more water)




Well, it means we are coming to a Greenlight session soon! We will need your help when the call goes out. Our small but passionate community needs to rise up and scream “WE WANT BOSS 101 and WE WANT IT NOW (or as soon as possible)!”

The campaign is not live at the moment but we’re setting up and when we are ready we will be coming to you, hat in hand and asking if you would lend us your vote. We will make you VERY PROUD! We will make you HAPPY you said YES!

When will it be ready? Well, here’s the deal, there is no point in releasing anything until we think it’s swanky. We’re working on a nice video you can not only see but can SHOW OTHERS! The deal here is we want you to be so excited you WANT to show your buddies. That’s the whole point right?

Ok – more news is coming and in the meanwhile – enjoy STEVE and Max and more water animations (at the Full Update link below)!





2014.11.12 Water!?!? and Steam Greenlight?

Ok – folks a couple things. First. STEVE and Max talk about some of the new features rolling into the game RIGHT NOW. Top of that list is WATER LEVELS! You heard it here first. You will take to the skies over a beautiful ocean and soar around kicking up jets of water as you blast your way into the robo-history books. Check out the the images and their animated take below.

update water_flight

Also – we are EARLY but we are prepping for a Steam Greenlight run. This is NOT the official announcement (though that is coming) but we wanted to drop you the heads up now. It’s happening and it will be THANKS TO YOU that we go through.

This game is by us FOR YOU! We are making magic and working our tails off to bring you some seriously fun gaming experiences. We’ll keep you posted about the Steam Greenlight and in the meantime…

(drum roll)




2014.11.01 Kitty Kitty Bang Bang Returns!

You thought Kitty Kitty Bang Bang was a long forgotten dream! No it was not! We bring you the latest announcement of the merging of the Boss 101 universe and Kitty Kitty’s universe! Check out the SWEET LID you can now purchase in Boss 101.

Yes! Your very own Kitty Kitty Bang Bang hat in Boss 101!   What do the guys have to say about this? Read on!




The OG concept poster from way back!


Remember to  LIVE YOUR DREAMS folks! That’s how Kitty does it!

Talk with you soon!