2014.03.11 Update and Screenshot!

Tuesday update!

It’s been a little bit but here’s news. Work is going full bore on the Boss 101 sequel. We’ve added people to the roster to help bring you the best possible game. Expect a more thorough introduction of the new adds soon. We are also looking at the possibility of Xbox One and PS4 release also. Both of those platforms are mos-def on the list.

Finally, there will be a whole new system of guns in the sequel. You can make them from parts you scrap from bosses you beat. When you are fighting those two story bosses, you’re going to need a bigger gun. #boss101#particlecannon #bigboom


2014.02.14 Cosmic Clicks on Kongregate and a Boss 101 sequel

Hello everyone! An update from the Foundation to you!

Some really good news is coming in from our game Cosmic Clicks on Kongregate.com. It was uploaded Monday and has been picking up steam over the last few days. The fan response is super positive and the game is on track to do very well in terms of plays and advertising. Strangely enough – it seems the dialog between STEVE and Max is cited as one of the main draws of the game. I think the fact you can burn through it in less than 2 hours want helps too. Overall though, it’s super nice to read the feedback and see people are enjoying it. Many comments of “I laughed out loud” and “ Best clicker game to date” are popping up. I’m sure some of it is the moment of excitement but this is the reason I make games – to entertain!

Play Cosmic Clicks on Kongregate!

Also – work is officially “ON” for the Boss 101 sequel. As I mentioned in a prior update this will be developed in a new engine and is planned to be completed via crowd-funding. The plan will be 5-6 months of game preproduction (and learning the new engine) and from there I will prep a campaign to get the game published and Kickstarted (and yes Steam Greenlit). It’s pretty heady stuff but I’m taking it one step at a time. I think the deal will be to pace myself and just move forward as I did a year ago when I started all this.

Thanks for checking in and talk with you soon!




2014.02.11 Updates, a screenshot and more!

YES! Scrap Metal is DONE and up for auction on FGL. Once that is sold to a sponsor guess what?!?! Drum roll….. BOSS 101 SEQUEL!! You heard it, that’s right! Feel free to get excited!

Also – I would like to share news about Cosmic Clicks. It went live on Kongragate yesterday. Right away it started getting a lot of great feedback and people seemed to really enjoy it. This was a really nice surprise and it was awesome to read so many positive comments. People seemed to like the dialog between STEVE and Max which makes me pretty excited about bringing them back for a new Boss 101 game.

Thank you again for checking out this page and I’ve attached a new image from Scrap Metal – the title screen!



2014.02.03 Cosmic Clicks live, Boss 101 sequel talk and more!

Hey all! Tim here with some news! Cosmic Clicks is live on Newgrounds right this second and has already won a “Pick of the Day” spot on their board! The general response seems pretty positive overall with the best news being people are really enjoying the return of Steve and Max.

Link: Cosmic Clicks on Newgrounds

For me that’s an inspiring thing since I love making games with those two. I’ve explained to several people already the dialog pretty much writes itself and I’m glad people are enjoying it.

I am at this point due to all the great help and support I have gotten from people like yourself. I’m no island and I appreciate you liking my page and checking in!

I wanted to take a moment to share with you a fan letter/review I got this evening. I realize it may come across as crowing but I’m just so happy when someone “gets it” with the games I make. I can’t lay claim to be the best artist ever, nor the best programmer but I think I have a *little* something in the humor department – though my friends would debate that I’m sure. HAHAHAHA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

I’ll leave you with their letter and if you get a chance, check out Cosmic Clicks.

I must admit, at first glance this game doesn’t seem like anything special or entertaining. The clicker genre is nothing new of course, but the crown jewel of this submission is the witty and hilarious dialogue between “Captain” Steve and his robot buddy Max. 

Their conversations take this genre to an intriguing new level, and I found myself smiling and chuckling quite a bit as I was racking up the in game cash. The music is also very fitting for this experience, as it keeps a nice beat for continuous clicking and upgrade gathering. 

I’ve played your other games, and I’ve enjoyed them as well. But I have to say that this is the one that has made me a fan and I will be indeed following you from here on out. 

Keep up the great work, and I would love to see more games like this from you in the future!

2014.01.21 Boss 101 Sequel and more!

All right – I’m too hyped not to talk about this.

There WILL be a Boss 101 sequel and it’s coming after Scrap Metal is done. I’m going to let you in on a little secret RIGHT NOW. Below are the upcoming plans for The Donley Time Foundation.

1. Boss 101 sequel – this will be a browser based game and will have as much of the requested goodness as we can pack into it. You have suggestions about Boss 101. We have ideas. This will happen and you will be part of it!

2. Unannounced Game – still in the planning stages so no big details to share with you.

3. This is REALLY EARLY but the plan is to have a crowd funding (likely Kickstarter) Boss 101 based game. OK, this is what I’m super hyped about. This would be a PC based version (other platforms are possible) of the game. It would have a new story, new modes and generally be upping the ante from the browser based version of Boss 101. If you hear the words “co-op multi-player” you might be hearing about a possible feature. It’s mega early but I think it would be a huge blast to make. That said – I’d love to let you in on the action in any way possible!

OK – those are the main things coming down the line. Check back soon for more and in the meantime – Scrap Metal is on the way!!! Oh yah – Cosmic Clicks is about to sell and should be available for your playing pleasure in the next few weeks!

Best and talk with you soon!



2014.01.10 Scrap Metal is here!

Introducing SCRAP METAL – Donley Time Foundation’s latest game!

Have you ever wanted to manage a Robot Fighter? Maybe win a Robot Fighter Championship perhaps? WELL NOW YOU CAN! Soon you will have your own fighter! YES YOU! Manage him, train him and WIN PRIZES AND UPGRADES!!

Big thanks to Jumping Joe Mad who provided the awesome name for this game (he also named your fav and mine  Boss 101).

Excited! You should be! More news coming and in the meantime – enjoy this very first screen screenshot. Thank you and more to come! #screenshotsaturday #scrapmetal