2014.10.15 Boss 101 and YOU!


Boss 101 Dev Blogasaurous!

OK – you may already know all about the fabulous Boss 101 Make-A-Boss where you generate all the NEW bosses you fight each round but maybe we haven’t told you yet about some of the OVER-ARCHING ideas we use to guide us whilst we whittle away making magic. To that end – let’s talk about some of the basic principles which go into EACH FRAME of animation and EACH LINE of code in boss 101. We talk a lot about fun but what does that mean for YOU exactly. Here is an example:

Humor – you probably guessed this one already but it’s a biggie. We want to introduce you to STEVE and Max and we do a lot of that with their interactions with Bosses and each other. Our MASTER ENGINEER has devised a new and much improved dialog system that allows all sorts of HIGH-larious interactions with YOU, with bosses with STEVE and Max and even ROB. Bosses can have last gasps as they die, STEVE and Max now comment on the bosses as they are being made, we have a new dialog balloon system for in round and Command Center interactions. ALL THIS is designed to give you a direct link to the humor – both real and imagined inside the game!

Variety – You mentioned you wanted as much variety as possible within the bosses. You wanted MORE weapons, more weapon variety and more types of attacks. YOU GOT IT! There are nearly twice as many boss bodies in this game and each one has its own brand of attacking, defending and general AI pattern. In addition – there are MORE boss parts now too! In Boss 101’s web game there were three boss parts with practically no animation – Now we have FIVE major boss parts with hundreds of frames of animation on nearly every boss. Why?!?!?! To give the boss character and a bigger sense of personality!


Collection and Collectables – related to the above we wanted to reward the long term player with stuff to find and REASONS to find it. Hats are the basic collectable and they will be found after completing sets of tasks from the Command Center. You might also find a hat during a round, you may win one from an arcade game in the Command Center! The reason and POINT of the collectables is to give you something for your time. They are needed but they are there for the player who dives in and looks everywhere and experiments with the game. Oh, and if you don’t want to do ALL the hard work then feel free to ask your friend who did. Maybe they will point you to some of the secret areas!

That’s the just the TIP of the BOSS-berg! Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we show you more of what is IN the game!



2014.10.04 Hat Week Continues


You saw the store – you saw a few of the hats – Now see more of them! We even included animation! These will do everything from make you the most dapper person at the party to helping increase your boss busting firepower!

Talk with you soon and KEEP ON KEEPING ON!



Zomboid and Oink!

hat_Oink hat_Zombie







Beaulieu and BoBo

hat_Beaulieu hat_BoBo







Awesome and Armor

hat_Awesome hat_Armor







Fish Bowl


2014.10.01 Update with STEVE, Max, hats and Valve!

Read and rejoice. A look at the new Hat Store in ACTION with STEVE and Max walking you through it…. sorta. HAAAAAAAAAAA!!


Also – we had requests about holdover hats from the Boss 101 web game.

Yep, we do indeed have some returning lids.

Here’s a letter from a concerned fan…

“When are you going to show that sweet Calibretto hat?” – J. Madureira.

Welp, Mister Madureira, check THESE OUT!

A full Calibretto Suit! Can’t go wrong with that!!!


… and a Calibretto helm for wacky party fun!


Talk with you soon and LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


2014.09.26 Boss 101 – Bosses die, STEVE and Max TALK!

HELLO ONE and ALL! Let’s talk about Boss 101 shall we?

First – we did a little site revamp at www.donleytimefoundation.com we added in the Disqus commenting system and cleaned things up a bit overall. Mostly, we wanted the place in order for YOU to enjoy it more!

Second – One thing we are making sure to have in this game is the dialog interaction we know you love so! To that, end this update is about some of the ways we’re bringing as much to you as possible in Boss 101.

There is a LOT of feedback from STEVE, Max and even ROB (from Cosmic Clicks). Not only that but the bosses are more than likely to give you some sass when you start and end the rounds. In an earlier update we had a look at the Make a Boss and saw STEVE and Max tend to weigh in pretty critically on the boss rolls. Well, that happens during the rounds too and you never know when they might pipe in about how you’re playing or how they’re feeling.

Now what happens, you might ask, when the boss gets creamed? Well, he does what most other dying creatures do. He lets out a death wail. Not your normal groan or scream. Naw, he’s going to be WAY more colorful than that. Below is just ONE example of what he can do AND a little message from STEVE and Max about it!

Like seeing them STEVE and Max? Let us know and they’ll be back! In fact, DON’T LET US KNOW and THEY WILL STILL BE BACK! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Alright talk with you soon and LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


A message from STEVE and Max (it does repeat):


What is the sound a boss makes when it dies?


Talk with you soon!

2014.09.20 Boss 101 – More fun FOR YOU! (and other stuff)

Welcome back one and all!

So here we are halfway through September and Boss 101 has been jamming along nicely. Check out the SPIFF shot of the Intro Screen below!

Ok – now that you checked that out let’s talk a little about the project shall we?

Core Engine Tech – Well in place as we speak. Most of the upcoming work is (thankfully) related to polish and testing what we already have versus outright creating stuff from scratch. I can’t say we are TOTALLY in the clear but I DO feel very good about what I see coming.

Gameplay – this is always being tested and refined. The general motto is “if it’s fun, it stays”. That was the way the web version of Boss 101 was created and that’s the way the PC/Console version is scoped out. It’s REALLY important to make sure YOU enjoy the game. We want you to have fun while blasting bosses as well as have fun hanging out in the Command Center while S.T.E.V.E. and Max chatter away (and also get a visit or three from R.O.B.)

Game modes – there are a few new game modes for Boss 101 over the old Web version. They are intended to give YOU something new and fresh. We’ll introduce them over the next few months but I think can I drop a HINT at one of them. Three words – “ENDLESS BOSS MODE”! How’s THAT SOUND!?!?

Weapons – We spoke about this one before but there are a LOT more weapons in this version. You’re looking at 40 plus weapons and if you add in the properties you get from hats and upgrades that number shoots WAY UP. Again – this is all about giving you a tailor made experience and making Boss 101 YOUR GAME!

Levels – that is the topic of the moment in the Donley Time Foundation Labs. We’re cranking on NEW worlds and NEW adventures for YOU to see and explore. You’re not just chugging around Earth anymore – you’re hopping all over the galaxy looking for Boss 101.

I want to take a moment to also THANK YOU and our other friends and family we’ve made. We appreciate you checking out the blogs and new updates. We’re putting together more news than ever before because we want you to know about the state of the union and be as excited as we are. This game is FUN and we are having a blast making it. We are also HYPED to get it to YOU so you can enjoy it too.

As always – if you have any comments or questions – drop us a line here or at hello @ donleytimefoundation . com (remove spaces)



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Boss 101 intro Screen:



Oh, yeah – there’s animation TOO! Here’s a sample….


Boss 101

2014.09.17 Update and Screenshot!

A quick screengrab from tonight’s Boss 101 game!

You thought you knew what kind of levels Boss 101 has? Think again!! We take the fight from Earth across the galaxy to strange places. Take this one for instance – looks like we might have crossed into another gaming dimension in the quest to beat down bosses! #boss101 #gamedevelopment #screenshot

Talk with you soon!



2014.09.10 Boss 101 Dev Meetup! Visited a fellow developer!

Hey all,

One of the great things about living in Austin is being close to awesome developers. Last night I dropped by a friend of mine named Matt Fitzgerald who’s working on the crackin’ game Savage: The Shard of Gosen. If you don’t know what that is you can check out his already funded Kickstarter campaign here or his already Greenlit game here on Steam.

Here’s the deal – the guy is single handedly making some SERIOUS MAGIC. He’s not only learned to code the dad-burned thing but he’s doing all the art, interfaces, design and gameplay. I saw a small sample of the latest and it looks FANTASTIC and light years ahead of the Kickstarter video which was already really good.

My point here is he’s onto something special and he’s making it with care and attention to detail. THAT IS INSPIRATIONAL MY FRIENDS! I have to say he’s a big influence on making sure Boss 101 has as much love as possible so YOU GET THE BEST GAME. When you always do your best like Matt you don’t have to make any excuses.

Follow your dreams folks – there’s not enough time for anything else.





2014.09.08 Boss 101 Journal

Hello and welcome to today’s Boss 101 journal where we blather about all things Bossy Boss!

This week is about the general question “What is Boss 101 – THE SEQUEL?”. The short answer is “a really fun game you will SURELY love”. The longer version is “A full upgrade of everything you loved about the Boss 101 web game and AWESOME STUFF YOU’LL LOVE EVEN MORE!”. Didn’t play Boss 101 – THAT’S OK!

What is all this “stuff” that is better? Let’s go over some of it, shall we?

More Bosses – this time around the Make-A-Boss generator (which YOU control) has MORE boss parts than ever before. You’re going to face a new variation each time you play the game THE FIRST TEN MILLION TIMES! HAHAHAHAHA HAAAAAAAAAAAA

More weapons – not only do bosses have more varied weapons but YOU have more weapons at your disposal as well as upgrades to those weapons. Your guns include pistols, shotguns, flamethrower, lightning guns, plasma cannons, multishots, lasers and more!

More types of missions – WE HEARD YOU! You wanted more variety, you got it! More types of missions are happening!

Achievements and rewards – do something special and win a medal. Do something awesome and win a PRIZE, maybe a new gun, maybe a new HAT, maybe MORE!

HATS!!! – Everyone loves hats! We have WAY more hats in this one – MORE THAN DOUBLE. They have special properties when you wear them. Some give you more health, others might give you more shot power or bestow immunities! Some make you look SPIFFY – just like in real life!

The Command Center – your base of operations is super sweet! We upgraded everything about the old game’s Command Center. Now you reside in a multi-level super base! It has stores, a super dope galactic map room and lots more.

OK – that may have been TOO MUCH INFORMATION for you. We’re gonna reel it back in now.

More magical updates coming soon!