2015.12.17 Boss 101 Screenshot, Tuning Time

**Quick Note** Hey all – realize this is NOT from the final game – we’re showing a glitch! We totally understand bullet hells aren’t for everyone and Boss 101 isn’t looking to be the next super bullet death game.

Might need to tune this one a little, ten thousand shots might be too many. haha! Don’t fret – it’s just temporary but it does make for a nutty game session.

Torpedo bullet barrier during some early tuning

2015.11.19 Boss 101 Screenshot

Boss 101 gameplay,

Working on some of the in game battles, specifically, choose the right path or else! Yes, you decide your path and your fate. Sometimes there is a fork in the road and you get to pick your path. Which one leads to fame and fortune and which leads to more bossery?! Maybe both do!! Find out for yourself.

More to come so stay tuned to the site for updates!